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Added Vantage Online

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
An up and coming global leader in the e-learning world, Added Vantage Online offers people the opportunity to learn information gathered from across the globe.  Specialising in people and soft skills learning, Added Vantage Online offers you easy access to the path of greater social and business success. Did you know that 85% of your financial, personal and social success is based on your ability to get along with others. … Only 15% is due to your technical skills.
This raises the question: “Why do people spend 13 years at school and 3 – 6 years at university, some 16 to 19 years acquiring their technical skills…. and… no time whatsoever acquiring the skills of ‘getting along with others’ … which accounts for 85% of their success.” Added Vantage Online brings you handpicked information from the top institutions and people around the world.  This offers you the convenience to learn from all in the masters in  fun and easy all encompassing courses.

‘Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make, it not only improves your life, but the lives of all those people around you.’Robin Sharma


It’s simple… when people like you, they will bend over backwards to –
help you,
support you,
date you,
promote you,
choose your product over someone else’s
and even choose your contract over another company’s.

Likability creates desire, popularity and success.

Do you feel lonely or rejected sometimes?

Do you feel rejected or lonely?   You are not alone… 95% of people doing our courses say their greatest fear is ‘rejection’  or ‘not being accepted.’ FACT: Did you know that your need to belong is even greater than your need for safety and security?  In other words your need to get along with people and feel accepted is …

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