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What We Do

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”


ADDED VANTAGE ONLINE offers online education specialising in the niche area of soft skills trainings for the individual and company.

People with better social skills are more successful in life – both socially and in business.

We believe that anyone can learn these skills and master them.

Your personal brand is the greatest asset that you possess.

When last did you make an investment in yourself that could improve every aspect of your life?

The latest research has proven that soft skills directly affect your success in life.

ADDED VANTAGE ONLINE focuses on Conduct and Behaviour, Conversations and Personal Image. Our e-courses will provide millions of people with an easy-to-use learning system and the latest research and advances from global thought leaders in their respective fields.

Three out of four adults in society suffer from some form of social anxiety. You often feel as though you don’t ‘measure up’ or fit in, causing your palms to sweat, to become tongue tied or to stammer when you speak.

YOU may be one of those suffering from this social malady.

This affects everything from your confidence; ability to get along with others; general happiness; to your productivity and promotion at work.

The renowned psychologist, Daniel Coyle, has found that often this is due to not knowing how to behave in social situations therefore you need to learn these skills and then practice them. This knowledge awareness and deep practice leaves you knowing what to do and feeling confident, poised and prepared for every situation. Added Vantage Online arms you with these necessary skills for greater happiness, acceptance and confidence.

The more I practice…the luckier I getGary Player

Our Vision:

ADDED VANTAGE ONLINE endeavours to help 10,000,000 people across the globe reduce their social anxiety through improving their social confidence and competence.


Through the use of cutting edge Neuroscience and social psychology, assist individuals in changing behaviours that lead to greater human connection and fulfilment in their every day lives.

This is All About You

When you have completed our courses you will –

  • Feel confident to meet new people and leave lasting positive impressions
  • Win people over and be more popular
  • Be more attractive and charming to others
  • Exude Presence and Charisma
  • Connect better with people
  • People will like you more
  • Gain recognition in the workplace
  • Express your opinions without fear
  • Be able to interpret body language and use this to your advantage
  • Know how to behave appropriately in uncomfortable social settings

See below for the list of expertise shared among the team –

  • Body Language Expert
  • Micro-expression Expert
  • Image consultant
  • Conversational Intelligence Expert
  • Human Behaviourist
  • Neuro-linguistic Programming Expert
  • Life Coach
  • Workplace Happiness Coach
  • Self-esteem Expert
  • Project Management Specialist

The Team

Our ADDED VANTAGE ONLINE team believes in helping others to grow and develop the best version of themselves.
At ADDED VANTAGE ONLINE we love people! We are a happy, fun and enthusiastic team who’s passionate about what we do.
Our team’s unique experience and background brings a new and modern approach to  social connection and improving the Brand of You.

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