The Simplicity of Leadership

Many people overlook the Simplicity of Leadership. What is one leadership hack that will get you through an entirely new job market? With globalization, technological innovation and the growing number of connections among people, activities and events, today’s pace of change is relentless. People mingle like never before, forging new partnerships and creating more culturally diverse workplaces. Technology brings new …

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lost for words at a new event

Weddings, networking events, company socials or just going to a friend’s barbecue. We have all been to some sort of social function where we have bumped into a stranger or …

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tired of standing in awkward corner

Do you feel uncomfortable or anxious in social situations? Do you sometimes wish you were invisible and no one could see you standing alone? Do you find yourself hanging around …

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Are you reading your dates signals correctly

I’m pretty sure that at some point in your life, you have been on a date with someone you really liked. The food and wine was flowing, you were laughing …

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Do you feel overlooked at work

Do you find it hard to get taken seriously at work? Are you never in line for any promotions despite the fact that you’re a hard worker? Do you feel …

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