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Racism or Culture?

Culture, often time the silent killer in international initiatives but many a time misinterpreted for something else. This blog aims to inform you on what culture is and how culture affects our daily intercultural interactions and how this creates misunderstandings and perceived currents of racism. Geert Hofstede, one of the most influential thinkers in history defines culture as, ‘The collective …

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Men - Three Style Mistakes You're Making

There are a million style blogs around writing on the do’s and don’ts for modern day gentleman, and I notice a lot of guys taking this to heart. However as …

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Are you afraid that people get bored when talking to you

Nothing beats a great conversation. When you truly connect with someone, time stands still. Before you know it, you’ve been speaking for hours. That is the sign of a great …

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Improving your Virtual Business Meetings

Virtual business meetings have become commonplace in a rapidly evolving business environment. Since everything in business has becomes more streamlined and efficient, it wasn’t long before the conventional face to …

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Not hitting your sales targets

Once again, we have arrived at that dreadful time of the month that is known to all salespeople as the FINAL week, before their sales are calculated for the month. …

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