So you’ve recently discovered the wonders of a dating app called Tinder, and its power to transform the ways in which we find love today. So you decide to set up your profile and swipe away. Everything seems to go just fine until that ever so crucial first date.   You’re nervous, worried that your photo selection on tinder doesn’t …

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How to Give Conversationally Intelligent Feedback

If you’re in a management position, you will at some point need to swallow that difficult pill of having to give negative feedback to a colleague. Now for years the …

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The Simplicity of Leadership

Many people overlook the Simplicity of Leadership. What is one leadership hack that will get you through an entirely new job market? With globalization, technological innovation and the growing number …

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lost for words at a new event

Weddings, networking events, company socials or just going to a friend’s barbecue. We have all been to some sort of social function where we have bumped into a stranger or …

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tired of standing in awkward corner

Do you feel uncomfortable or anxious in social situations? Do you sometimes wish you were invisible and no one could see you standing alone? Do you find yourself hanging around …

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