Strategic Body Language

Peter F Drucker
“The most important thing in communications is hearing what isn’t said.”

How it Works

Have you ever wished that you could read someone’s mind?

That you could understand what they were really saying to you? Or not saying?

Do you often find yourself confused by someone’s sudden outburst or irrational behaviour?

Do you sometimes wonder. ‘Does this person like me?’

Mind reading isn’t as hard as people think it is, it just comes down to one simple skill, reading body language.

Human beings lie on average 200 times a day. You may be thinking, ‘But I don’t lie.’ Lies include the small white lies such as when your partner asks you, ‘Do you want to wash the dishes tonight?’ and you respond ‘Yes’ when in actual fact, you want to say ‘No, not tonight and preferably not any night ever again.’

If you take the time to observe someone’s body language, you will often hear the things that aren’t said.


Why’s this important?

Most of your success comes down to one simple fact: Connection… Human Connection…

People that struggle to connect with others, often struggle to succeed or get ahead in life both socially and financially. This is because no man or woman is an island. We need connection and relationships. Without the help of others, it is impossible for us to achieve greater potential.

Body language gives us deep insight into how others are feeling, what type of validation or help they require and what they want from us. When you can validate someone or give them what they need, a connection forms much quicker offering you greater opportunities to harness.

In the same breath, when we understand body language, we are able to control the message we present to the world.

Are you aware that you could have been conveying the following messages to people?

‘You intimidate me.’

‘I have no idea what you are saying? I don’t even know why I’m in the room. How did I get this job?’

‘I’m desperate for this business contract, I’ll accept any price for it.’

‘I am attracted to you.’

‘You are boring me.’

‘I just inflated those numbers, I hope you don’t catch me out.’

Have you ever wished that you weren’t so transparent with your emotions or how you were feeling?

Well understanding body language will help you control the message you send out to the world ensuring that you don’t land yourself in hot water.

Social and Business success comes from your relationships, your ability to read people and to connect with them in meaningful ways.

The Strategic Body Language course offers you a map to handling your relationships in delicate and directed ways.


Strategic Body Language Course Breakdown

What you get from the Course:
– Detailed instructional Videos
– Downloadable Scripts
– Downloadable Slides
– Chapter Assessments
– Final Exam
– Downloadable Certificate
– Access to AppVantage
– Downloadable Workbook
– Body Language ‘Dictionary’


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