The Brand of You

The Brand of You

Master your professional Impact.

What is The Brand of You?

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The Brand of You is an online training programme designed to increase your interpersonal skills.  It has been developed for the high achievers who want to take control of their future, how much they earn and how to achieve a life by design.

This advanced, science based business course was designed by Courtenay Carey, a Human Connection specialist who has spent the better part of her professional life specialising in social intelligence and how this translates into greater financial success and social wellbeing.

Courtenay has taught this course to over 5 000 people many of which come from big corporations, multinationals, government organisations and listed companies.

The Brand of You is about Peaking your Professionalism.

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Courtenay Kleu, born a chronically shy child, realised that due to her shyness she was misperceived as unintelligent and incapable.  This however was not the case, but she did realise that if she did not learn the social expectations and soft skills that highlighted her intelligence, she would forever be overlooked and misunderstood.  Courtenay has dedicated her entire professional career to specialising in people skills that help people manage themselves both socially and professionally. These integral people skills are often overlooked with little educational focus being applied to this area of development.

The result?

-The socially anxious individual

– Inappropriate behaviours at inopportune times

– Poor first impressions and missed opportunities

-Overlooked highly skilled candidates

Courtenay’s purpose is to help people find deeper connection and acceptance with others after all human beings cannot survive without the acceptance and company of others.

Courtenay has the following:

-Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics

-Postgraduate in Entrepreneurship

She is a

Qualified Neuro-linguistics Programming Practitioner

Qualified Image Consultant

Qualified Expert In Intercultural Management

An Expert in Body Language and Micro-Expressions

Certified International Etiquette Expert

Certified Government Protocol Expert


“Had I known this information when I was 19, I would have retired a billionaire that 30.” – Leading South African Economist


How it Works


The 8 Part Video Lesson

Each chapter is jam packed with fascinating research, real life stories and need-to-know information designed to take you up the ladder.

The Workbook

Get 80+ pages of information immediately downloadable in pdf at the start of your course.  This includes exercises, 100 different body language positions and easy to follow directions to help you follow along in your lessons.


After each chapter you will be given an opportunity to check your new knowledge with the option to retake the lessons or assignments in order to guarantee your new skill acquisition.

AppVantage Access

You are given a 12 months of unlimited VIP access to AppVantage which gives you daily implementation tips and a fully summary of your course, so that if you ever need a quick refresher before a big event, you have all the information at your very fingertips.




Free Consultation

Students are given a 1 hour free telephonic/Skype consultation with Courtenay Carey to share any questions or personal challenges and how these can be overcome.

The Brand of You is all Online!

You can access it immediately on any of your devices at any time from anywhere.

The Brand of You

Master your Professional Impact!

  •       8 Ladder Climbing Modules
  •       8 Assignments
  •       Free Consultations with Courtenay
  •       12 months Access to all Learning Materials
  •       FREE VIP Access to AppVantage
  •       80+ Page Downloadable Workbook
  •       Downloadable Scripts of all lessons
  •       Downloadable Slides for every lesson
  •       Downloadable Certificate on Completion
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  • The Brand of You

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